Mr. Yüksel Erimtan had been graduated as Civil Engineer M.Sc. from the Civil Engineering Faculty of Istanbul Technical University in 1951. 

In 1958, Mr . Yüksel Erimtan joined a special partnership structure as partner together with his university friends, Mr. Uğurhan Tuncata, Mr. Erol Üçer and with the involvement of an experienced contractor, Mr. Raif Mumcu.

When it comes to 1959, this partnership structure has been officially registered as Gama Construction Limited and the basis of one of the biggest contractor group of Turkey has been set with this establishment. Serving as Chairman and CEO of Gama Group, Mr. Yüksel Erimtan, who has initiated a broad step in the specialization of turn-key construction of power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, cement plants, pipelines and dams by establishing Gama Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection Inc. in 1970, started to realize the “firsts” in Turkey.

The first high pressurized pipeline, the first pre-stressed concrete production factory in Turkey, the first partnerships in construction sector (Czechoslovakian and American companies), the first big industrial turn-key assembly project (Mersin Soda Plant), one of the first international contracting services (Steam Production Plant in Iran), the first sizeable BOT power plant project in Turkey (Birecik HES) are some of the projects realized or developed by Gama under the leadership of Mr. Yüksel Erimtan.

He has signed the construction contract in the capital city of Soviet Union in 1989 as the chairman of Mir Company, which has been established by and between the reputable contractors of Turkey at that time by the leadership of Mr. Yüksel Erimtan. This contract was also remembered as the first construction contract of Turkish companies in Soviet Union in the history.

Mr. Erimtan, leaving all his duties as the Chairman and CEO of the companies in Gama group in 1990, but still keeping the biggest shares of the group that he has co-founded, he established EMT Erimtan Consulting Contracting Trade Co. Inc. in the October of 1990 as the main shareholder. Referring to his reputable name and experience gained for so many years, he aimed to be a leading consultant in the construction field; however he concentrated on contracting due to the demand basing on his reliable name in the construction area.

His interest and sponsorships to the art, artists, art organizations and activities; his support to our cultural and historical heritage serving as the President of Cultural Heritage Collectors Association;  his support to education and educators by active involvements in the management of foundations; his special awareness for preservations of nature and environment diverse Mr. Yüksel Erimtan from the other esteemed businessmen due to his rich and multicolored character.

EMT Erimtan Müşavirlik Taahhüt Ticaret A.Ş., founded by him, holds a reliable and reputable name in the construction area with the projects completed in Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan, and continues to receive new contracts referring to its successful references.

Our founder Mr. Yüksel Erimtan is serving as the Chairman and CEO of our company with the same rhythm and creativity, and continues to be a great example of success to our all staff.

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