We believe that environment is physical, biological, social, economical and cultural atmosphere, where human beings and all the other living things have persisted interrelations and interactions during their lives. The life of  human beings is well balanced in the nature. Any breaks in the chain that forms the balance of the human being with the nature, affects the whole chain and causes unbalances and consequently the environmental problems.

Our company does not solely consider the local laws and legislations, where the project is located but operates with the environment awareness based on the ISO 14001 international standards for all the projects it realizes.

We are building the projects with noise and air pollution minimization, waste management system, convenient material selection and supply, and energy saving applications and  considering the flora and fauna of the area.

Our company believes that in order to meet the todays demands without preventing the next generations to furnish their needs, to increase the awareness in environmental impact in the society is the key issue for a sustainable growth.

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